Unexpected Source of Comfort and Joy !!!

New Years Day 2019.  I store the Christmas decorations in containers under the steps to the lower level of my home.  Behind these containers I have a few boxes of Keepsakes from my 3 children and all my old planners.  Yes I am a Professional Organizer and I save things.  In addition I have a box of my personal keepsakes.  Over the years I have whittled these down to the most precious items. It has been many years since I have opened my keepsake box and was not even sure of what it contained.

I can not share every detail at this time but will in the future.  I had my high school diploma and yearbooks a few report cards and some essays I wrote in a creative writing class.  My senior prom dress (surprise) any many letters and cards to and from my Granny spanning many years. I also have correspondence from my sisters. and other surprising keepsakes.

Remember when you actually wrote letters and choose stationary ?  Calls were long distance and costly so this is how we kept in touch. I have some that were type written on that fine onion skin paper.  I was surprised the ink had not faded as some of the memories had.  It was such a vast range of emotions tears, laughter and joy for those times in my life and the feelings and thoughts I had forgotten.  Absolutely had to call a friend to share this with her and send text to my siblings with pictures.  I am practically bursting with joy.  

I needed this right here and now and God knew that.  I am so uplifted and motivated completely thankful for this blessing.

May some thing or someone remind you of a memory that you have forgotten and that you can feel and share that to brighten your life and take with you into this New Year.

To Be Continued ….

The Day After

The Day After my Memories post of 12/25 was so uplifting I want to share with you how the hand of God works through others.

I went to workout this morning and one of the trainers said he had something for me unbelievably he gave me a white sweatshirt it did have the gym logo but I can not ever remember having any other except the one from my previous post.

My client for the day has become a dear and trusted friend.  After reading about the garnet she presented me with a heart shaped garnet colored piece of beautiful faceted glass I have it on the table next to me now. Yesterday her 5 year old niece noticed her Aunt seemed emotionally moved and ask her if she was ok.  My client explained to her she had read something a friend wrote (my blog) and was touched by it and later that evening she returned back to her Aunts home with cookies she made for her to feel better.  One’s circumstance can bring out caring and compassion in others even a 5 year old most would overlook.

Some might say that these things today are coincidence by chance or perhaps kismet.

I know this was orchestrated by God’s divine will to comfort me and simply thankful for that !

To Be Continued…..


Well where do you start ?  I suppose Christmas Morning 2018 is the day.

I am sitting here alone but not lonely.  Thinking how happy is it in many homes as children open their gifts and families gather together.  After all it is the “Happiest Time of the Year”

For some it a challenge and perhaps heart breaking.  I have experienced it all over my 59 years.  Why would today make it more poignant ?  Disappointment and heart break is where I am.  Yet the sun still rises and I want to continue to have hope for healing of this deep personal pain.  I need to have faith that it will get better and trust God is beside me every step of the way.

My body racked with tears for this pain so deep the revaluation of a 7 year relationship that I thought was my future.  There are others challenged with personal and family relationships, illness, addiction and financial hardships.  So many things can go awry  in our lives that we can not predict or control.  Many know parts of my life story and wonder how I got through and where the positive energy comes from that I carry with me.

In this blog I will share much of my life that I feel you will enjoy reading and am hoping that in some small or large way it helps you on this journey we call life.

So today I share with you the best Christmas Memory and a gift I received.

I was about 10 years old and we lived out side St Louis about 30 miles in a rural community. It was a big trip for my Granny to come see us but it was always the high light of my life when she was near.   We had a baby grand piano which no one played (a blog for another time)

I was sitting on the piano bench I know this because my mother has a picture somewhere seen clearly  in my mind wearing my Granny’s gifts.  We wore uniforms  to school and had almost no other clothing so the new white sweatshirt and black leotard leggings the ones with the strap around the foot was something special.  There I was with my pixie haircut my hand on a necklace heart shaped with a cut out in the middle where a red stone hung.  I had no other jewelry and I felt so pretty and special.  Thank you Granny for all the love and care that carried me through the turmoil of my childhood.  Don’t know what happened to that necklace but in later years found the garnet was my Granny’s birthstone.

So what special gift or positive memory do you have of a Christmas.  Hold that in your heart for that is a gift from God.

To be continued….